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For international shipments, we use UPS - the United Parcel Service. Thus we can guarantee a quick and reliable service to destinations all over the world.

Wherever you are, your parcel will always be in the hands of only one shipping carrier, no delays due to changing services, less handling processes, quick (UPS internal) customs handling. All this adds to an additional safety of your parcel during transport and easy to track online.



(with the exception of grandfather clocks; here freight shipping costs apply)

Calculation of the shipping costs: Shipping charges for international orders are calculated automatically during the order process; based on the total weight of the merchandize ordered. Multiple items will be added together, thus the total weight of your order will be the basis to calculate your shipping costs. No extra costs for packaging material or handling.

Available services in detail and Shipping times:

DHL: This will be a DHL standard parcel.
We always choose the quickest available service depending on the delivery address. The shipping delivery is fairly quick, approximately one month, maybe some more days. Parcel status can be checked at any time. Any delays, be it customs or other causes for delay are automatically reported to you, you will always have the latest information on the parcel status.


 We will be shipped immediately if it is in stock (Our Warehouse Malaysia). This is a fast PosLaju shipping service, a registered and insured parcel. Cost-effective and reliable quick shipping. 
Highly detailed tracking - parcel status can be checked at any time. Shipping time: 3 – 5 business days.


Customs Duties / Import tariffs: All items in this online-shop will be shipped from Germany or direct from Malaysia Warehouse. Therefore, any order shipped to a destination outside the Germany will be subject to import tariffs when the parcel arrives. The recipient of the parcel will be responsible for the import of the merchandise and the applicable fees / tariffs on arrival of the parcel.
These vary in each country; your local customs office will be glad to help you with the current status of import regulations.

* For Malaysia customers, our company will help you declare and pay for the entire necessary fee with duty tax for you with FREE of charge!


Nevertheless, many of our products are very fragile and need extremely careful wrapping and packaging. We have an elaborate packing machine to guarantee a packing as safe as possible. 

We use a two-component foam system, which allows for an exactly shaped wrapping of the items.

The warm and liquid foam expands as soon as the two foam components are mixed. While inflating, the foam shapes itself around the product.
Cooling down, the foam hardens and keeps the product exactly in place. It is nevertheless still soft enough to allow for a cushioning of the items inside the parcel.

To give you an example, these are some steps in the packing process of a cuckoo clock as below:

Packaging 1Packaging 2Packaging 3

Packaging 4Packaging 5Packaging 6

Handling and packaging of your order:
 We make great efforts to organize the shipping of your order as safely and quickly as possible.

 Shipping services to world-wide destinations are very expensive. Therefore, we only charge the actual shipping costs we have – no handling fee is charged for your order.