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Anton Schneider

Anton Schneider German Cuckoo clocks - cuckoo clock

Anton Schneider first began producing his world famous cuckoo clocks in a farmhouse in Schonach, Black Forest in 1848. For over a century, the Anton Schneider name has been linked to the highest quality and most beautiful cuckoo clocks in all the world. Now in the 6th generation of business, the Schneider family has not let modernization take over their production. Each Anton Schneider cuckoo clock is still hand carved and quality crafted just as they were in that little farmhouse more than a century ago.

Many of the woodcarvers and other workers that are employed by the Anton Schneider workshops have held their positions for more than 20 years. Only the most skilled and talented crafters work for the Anton Schneider name. Although the Anton Schneider clock factory is one of the most modern in the Black Forest today, they still used the traditional methods of creating beautiful cuckoo clocks that have awarded them collectors and admirers from all around the world.

The love of detail and ancient woodcarving skills are the main characteristics of the Anton Schneider cuckoo clock line. With more than 300 models ranging in sizes from a mere 7 inches to a larger 118 inches, collectors have many choices available to them. From the musical clocks to cuckoo clocks with dancing figures and moving scenes, all Anton Schneider cuckoo clocks are beautiful and made with the highest quality in mind.

With the many years of tradition built into each beautiful and unique cuckoo clock, it is not surprising that the Anton Schneider Company now has a customer base that is worldwide. Admirers from all corners of the world have come to love the Anton Schneider cuckoo clock line. The Anton Schneider Company is dedicated to bringing only the most authentic and unique cuckoo clocks to their customers. The quality and traditions that they strive for are more than a century old. With the same enthusiasm for beauty and the same quest for high quality timepieces as was evident in that little farmhouse, the Anton Schneider Company is one of the leading manufacturers for German Black Forest cuckoo clocks in the world. They are one of the most famed manufacturers of German cuckoo clocks and with their beautiful designs and handmade excellence in quality, it is not surprising that all the world has come to rely on the Anton Schneider name for their cuckoo clock creations.



Hekas Cuckoo clocks - Black Forest clocks by Helmut Kammerer

The Hekas Company was founded in 1938 by Helmut Kammerer. Now in its third generation of family management, Hekas has been producing world renowned Black Forest cuckoo clocks for several decades. Since 1998, Rolf Kammerer has been in charge of the Hekas name. Uwe is the 3rd generation of Kammerer's to work with the company and is highly educated in the areas of wood mechanics and tool making. He attended the world famous Clockmaker School in Furtwangen, Black Forest. His education and knowledge of woodcarving, as well as his passion for carrying on the tradition of the Hekas quality, ensures that all Hekas creations are made with the highest quality materials and designs.

From the souvenir clock to the cuckoo clock, all Hekas creations are made with the highest quality and beauty in mind. By making all pieces from the case to the clock carvings, the Hekas name has proven itself worthy of Black Forest clockmakers. Each cuckoo clock bearing the Hekas name is guaranteed to have been inspected with the strictest attention paid to each and every detail before it is offered to the public. All clocks are required to run for at least 12 hours as a trial, to ensure that each clock features the highest quality of craftsmanship before they are transported for customer purchases. Collectors from all around the world in more than 40 countries have come to rely on the Hekas name as a producer of beautiful and unique cuckoo clocks of the highest quality.

Although the Hekas name is quite synonymous with the creation of highly unique and beautiful cuckoo clocks, the company also offers a full range of other authentic Black Forest creations. Hekas also includes a cabinetmaking workshop that produces all the cases needed for their clocks, as well as the blanks for their hand carving projects. Using only traditional methods for creating their world renowned cuckoo clocks is one of the reasons that Hekas is a revered name in the Black Forest. From their cuckoo clocks to their figurines, Hekas means quality and beauty that is renowned the world over.


August Schwer

August Schwer Clocks - Cuckoo clocks by Schwer

In the year 1885 the owner of the Schlosshotel in Schonach / Black Forest build a wonderful cuckoo clock. His name was August Schwer. The clocks made by August Schwer quickly became very popular so that Mr. Schwer build his first small factory.

Since then the company has been handed over for 4 Generations and in the year 2000 Andreas Winter became the General Manager / Owner of August Schwer. Before this he had worked for 15 years in the company.

Since the year 2000 Andy Winter has consequently increased the variety of cuckoo clocks crafted in the August Schwer workshops. Also the August Schwer company took over several smaller Black Forest cuckoo clock workshops.

If you take a close look at an August Schwer Cuckoo Clock you will discover all the wonderful details and the high quality of each individual clock. Therefore August Schwer cuckoo clocks have won many awards like several Black Forest Clock of the year awards.
We are proud to present cuckoo clocks togehter with August Schwer that have their roots back in the 19th century.


Hubert Herr

Hubert Herr Clocks - Cuckoo clocks by Herr

Since the early nineteenth century, the name Hubert Herr has been synonymous with the creation of beautiful cuckoo clocks and other wooden creations. Hubert Herr employs only the most talented and skilled woodcarvers in their Black Forest workshop. Located in the beautiful Black Forest region, the Hubert Herr workshops combine a new world grace with old world traditions in creating some of the most beautiful cuckoo clocks to come out of Germany. All cuckoo clocks are hand carved with strict attention paid to each and every detail. With collectors all over the world, in more than 60 countries, the Hubert Herr name has come to mean quality and beauty. Frequent new designs and models are implemented into the already beautiful line, giving collectors new cuckoo clocks to adore each year.

Hubert Herr has two workshops in the German Black Forest region. Each produces quality and beautiful Alpine chalets clocks and traditionally carved cuckoo clocks that have made the company world renowned. From the crafting of the clock cases to the assembling of the movements, all Hubert Herr cuckoo clocks are hand carved and crafted by only the most skilled craftsmen. Klaus, Reinhard and Hugo Herr all run the family business together, making it a tradition in the business sense as well as in the creation sense. They rely on traditional techniques for creating their masterpieces as well as modern technology for implementing their technical devices. This combination ensures that the Hubert Herr line is filled with the most authentic and uniquely beautiful cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest region. With the name Hubert Herr comes a vision of beauty, quality and tradition to sets them far apart from others. Only the most unique and beautiful cuckoo clocks bear the Hubert Herr name.



Hönes Cuckoo Clocks from Germany

Hones has been a world famous name for many years. The German Black Forest located Hones Company has been, for more than 35 years, producing beautiful and high quality cuckoo clocks that are reminiscent of the 18th century clocks that the German Black Forest is world renowned for creating.

Located on the majestic Titisee Lake, high in the mountains of the Black Forest, the Hones workshop continues to produce elegant and inspiring cuckoo clocks. Each clock is hand carved by only the most skilled craftsmen. The Hones philosophy of using only materials found in the Black Forest has prevailed for more than three decades. The beautiful and elegant cuckoo clocks that have made the Hönes name famous have been providing joy and beauty to customers for many years. By using only woodcarvers who are highly skilled and talented, Hones ensures that each cuckoo clock that bears the Hones name is produced in an elegant and skillful way that many people throughout the world have come to appreciate. Typical of all German Black Forest creations, each Hones cuckoo clock is beautifully designed and exceptionally built to ensure not only beauty but the highest available quality. By turning out new models and designs often, Hones ensures that customers from all around the world have access to beautiful new creations frequently. Using the traditional methods of crafting their cuckoo clocks, Hones implements new technologies and maintains the quality that has made them famous for many years. Trademarks of the Hones name are beautiful deep hand carvings that make each cuckoo clock not only beautiful, but unique in its own right.

The Hones line of cuckoo clocks contains several hundred models, all of which are handcrafted with only the highest quality materials. The Hones cuckoo clocks featuring hunting scenes or the chalet cuckoo clocks are among the most popular choices in the world. The beautiful combination of design, creativity and animation, as well as a strict attention to details, is what makes Hones one of the most popularly known names in the cuckoo clock industry. The German Black Forest is famed for its cuckoo clock workshops and Hones is famed for some of the highest quality and most beautiful creations of clocks to hail from the Black Forest region.



Romba Cuckoo clocks by Rombach and Haas - German clock

The Rombach & Haas Company (Romba Clocks) has been producing fine Black Forest cuckoo clocks and shield clocks since 1894. Ingolf Haas and his wife Conny are currently the fourth generation of family members to run the Rombach & Haas business. Using the same traditional methods of hand carving as were used over a century ago, Rombach & Haas ensures that all their cuckoo clocks are made from the highest quality of materials and by the most skilled and talented woodcarvers. This combination helps them to produce some of the highest quality and most beautiful cuckoo clocks to come out of the German Black Forest region. The workshops are located in Schonach in the Black Forest region and are synonymous for their high quality clocks and their very reasonable prices. By selecting only the best quality materials, Rombach & Haas can ensure that their cuckoo clocks are of the highest quality available. Each clock made with the Rombach & Haas name is completely unique in its own right. The designs offer beauty and elegance. Using traditional methods of hand carving ensures that their customers receive historical timepieces that are beautiful to see and to listen to.

Rombach & Haas has become one of the most popular producers of cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest region. Because of their quality and the beautiful designs in which their clocks are formed, their customer base is now worldwide. Collectors from around the world are awed by the beautiful designs and attention to detail that go into each cuckoo clock from the Rombach & Haas workshops. With more than 100 years of experience, the Rombach & Haas cuckoo clocks have the sophistication and quality to last for many years. The Black Forest Clock Association has awarded clocks from the Rombach & Haas Company the title of "Black Forest Clock of the Year" for four years in a row.