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  • Brand: August Schwer
  • Product Code: AS 5.0133.01.C
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Mechanical Cuckoo Clock with 8-Day-Movement. The clock has great hand-carved carvings and details. On the right and left side of the clock-face you can see a rabbit and a bird. At the top of the clock you see two guns and a deer-head.
At the full hour the cuckoo calls and tells the time. After that you hear a melody and the dancers move. At the half hour the cuckoo calls once. There is a little switch, which you can use to turn cuckoo-sound and music silent.

The clock has the VdS-Seal and thereby is an "Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock"

Height: 65 cm
 Widht: 40 cm
 Depth: 24 cm

Weight: 18 kg

Moving Elements & Features:

​​8-DayDancingAuto Shut Off BellFull Hour CallHalf Hour CallTurn Off CuckooMusic Box

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